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About Us
Family Support Network

Family Support Network is a support system for people, especially Black women who are family members/loved ones of people serving life sentences in Maryland. The primary aim behind this support system is to provide a strong advocacy network, through that advocacy we give a voice that enables engagement with various groups on behalf of our loved ones. The fight continues for basic rights, visibility, humanity, and dignity for these Black women who support their loved ones. Our level of engagement and support moves our cause forward in providing a safe space for those that need it most.

The network was established after realizing the need for ourselves and by experiencing the lack of support and resources for those with impacted loved ones. We have this shared experience and sought out to find a solution.

We’re them and they are us. We build a community that brings opportunities for people, not isolation.



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Come forward and make life better today. Your small contribution to the cause can bring a mass change in someone’s life. Help us build a strong community.

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